Teal Gravy is the name of this crazy kid's 'band,' an unusual group of characters. We've got 16 year old PJ on lead guitar. And we've got Mom on bass. Seriously.

Latest News

Well after two major teenage distractions (a girl and a car!!), we finally managed to get another song ready for production. It's called "Let That Monkey Go." It's the hardest song we've put together yet, and it still isn't finished. We'll keep you updated on its progress (girl and car pending of course).

Holy Kaw! Teal Gravy acquired its own music consultant - but not just any ol' consultant. We're talking a 38 year professional musician, producer and engineer veteran. Oh and he's been a broadcaster since 1976.

Who is this masked man? Meet "RJ" of ShockNet Radio -- Oh snap, we gonna rock the 'whirl!'

Looks like another song will butt in front of Halo Blues. Sorry. Mom made the song, but she ain't really diggin' it... not as much as the one we're working on now anyway. Dad's just gonna have to wait!

This new song will be entitled, "Let Your Monkey Go" and it's sure to bring out the monkey in you! Promise.

Till next time...